When You Make Your Vision Clear, Everyone Has a Chance to Win!
Vision Strategy Leaders Clarity

Without vision clarity, there is no strategy.

Leaders need to:

  • finalize their vision and commit it to writing
    • if you write what you plan to achieve it will take on a life of its own,
  • internalize their vision
    • if you think about your desired outcomes every day you will increase your drive to achieve them,
  • communicate their vision
    • if you tell others about your vision, they will be more likely to help you achieve it, and
  • help other people internalize their vision
    • if others know what they want, both of you will be able to determine if your goals align. 
Interest Attention Clear Enthusiastic

That message is worthy of an alternative presentation…

Successful leaders internalize their Vision in spirit, not just in letter and not just in memory…but, also in heart.

When the brain and heart are aligned, vision is clear, and strategies can become rock-solid if the strategies are well thought out and serve customer needs. 

Without clear and internalized vision, people become opportunistic. Opportunistic behaviour can help businesses survive; however, opportunistic tactics rarely bring business valuation growth. 

With clear and internalized vision, leaders can build strategies in the most effective ways with the least possible resources. Strategies must maximize the utilization of resources. To create effective strategies, leaders need to think deeply about execution of the actions required under those strategies.

Successful strategic planners visualize the details of execution.

When creating business strategies, the deeper the level of detail the greater the likelihood of execution buy-in and successful actions. The best strategic planners can think strategically and dig deep into execution details. Ray Dalio, in his excellent book ‘PRINCIPLES’, described these leaders as Shapers.

Successful leaders don’t create strategy behind closed office doors. They know customer input is essential. They design and follow processes that bring valuable customer input, and these processes further solidify relationships with customers.

When You Make Your Vision Clear, Everyone Has a Chance to Win!