Two Key Ways to Energize Your People and Transform Your Organization
Transform Employees Energy Organization

Promote creativity and build employees’ positive energy. You will quickly see two key ways to transform your people’s attitudes and your organization’s performance.

Injecting Creativity to Transform Your Organization

Inject creativity into your service and product offerings. Discover innovative ways to position your products and enhance your customers’ experiences, enabling them to obtain more value. Sustained customer enablement will help you transform your organization.

When you become a “possibilitarian” leader, you and your people will be energized. When you are confident about your vision, mission, and the value you deliver to clients you will be willing to be adventuresome. You will breeze through temporary failures, and you will help your people march to success after success.

Your employees will be enabled and they will promptly bring individual and team creativity to your organization and to your clients. 

“Possibilitarian” leaders are curious people.

Curiosity is the starting point for invention, innovation, and creativity.

Here’s the picture:

When your people’s curiosity results in creative ideas and actions, your organization will deliver increased value to your clients. Your people will respond with increased energy levels your organization will be transformed.

Building Employee Energy to Transform Your People

Employee energy grows and becomes fully positive when leaders:

  • build vision alignment,
  • help employees take shared vision to heart, and
  • provide clear opportunities for employees to unleash their potential.

Your best employees will embrace “COAT” – creating our amazing transformational future.

When you support employees as they operate in “bliss mode” (not just motivated workaholic mode), you will see tremendous improvements. One of the most important leadership requirements is belief in the power that exists in employee energy quotient. Vision alignment is the starting point. Enabling the common ground and optimizing employee energy is the next step.

Human resource leaders must be human energy leaders too.