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Investing in a Start-up Energy Appliance Company

Client’s Challenging Situation:

We invested in a start-up energy appliance company. When we arrived, the company had a great vision but was in a crisis. The company was undercapitalized, and it needed cashflow management assistance.

Scope of the Problem:

The company, which we invested in and served as we would serve a client, had strong energy appliance domain expertise and an enthusiastic attitude toward sales. However, they lacked a strategic plan to support their vision and, to accomplish their vision, they needed to improve their management of cash.

Our Solution:

We made a small cash investment and, as sweat equity, we created a strategic plan and a cash management plan for the owners. We helped one owner take full control of the company, so he could pursue his vision.

The Value Delivered:

We brought the company to a new level, with the addition of e-commerce. Later, after the company was stabilized, we exited the investment. The owner of the company was able to pursue his vision.