Being in Bliss or not in Bliss, is the question
Bliss Meter-Best Feeeling

In this pandemic situation, you will provide the most important reward to your employees, leaders, and board members when you enable them to be in a consistent bliss mode.

Bliss represents the deep inner alignment of what one wants to do and what one does.

Our amazing internal energy is released when who we are aligns with what we do.

While in bliss mode, action become rewards and a whole new spectrum of possibilities arrive.

The most important commitment of any leader is to enable his or her team members to be in bliss mode. This is a difficult leadership commitment, but it is well worth the time and effort. This commitment requires personal values, including conviction to persist and consideration of others. It also requires applying consistent thought and effort, learning and unlearning, and establishing strong trust levels with individuals and within teams.

When individuals and teams advance toward bliss, leaders need to serve their followers. Leaders can become complete servant leaders because the unleashed energy levels of employees become so significant that there is no need to “supervise”. (Supervision becomes the obstacle to organizational growth.)

Let your team be in bliss mode – they will create an amazing future for the company and, in the process, they will create amazing futures for themselves and their colleagues.