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    No matter what your problem is, when it comes to anything to do with technology, you need a “guru” and Jack is just a Guru. If you have any issues, he’s the best guy you could ever have as part of your team because any problem there might be; he’s going to be the guy that can solve it for you.

     Without Jack, our business would not be where it is today.

    Paul Demarco, Co-Founder, Intrigue Media Solutions Inc., Jan 2013

    When we started working with Jack we reviewed all of our processes in the office and got that down on paper and then he took that and has computerized all of our processes which will save time and money and make us more efficient. With GPS technology built into our system we now know exactly where the technicians are working and we can get the results to our customers much faster.

     I would recommend Jack Baker for any computer work you have.

    Marilyn Shaver, President, Minotaur Stormwater Services Ltd., Jan 2013

    Jack was really good at helping us put our portal together which interfaced us with the outside world and our customers.

    Paul Van Brunt, President, VIP Energy Services, Inc., Jan 2013

    Spirited Leaders were instrumental in recruiting and helping to implement a leadership team to take responsibility for the day-to-day management of Systems Plus, allowing the owners to focus on overall strategy for future growth.

     We are very pleased with the vision and perspective of Spirited Leaders and Rick Baker in helping us to transition into a new direction with our organization. 

    Garry Ruttan, President, Systems Plus, Aug 2012

    Jack knows his stuff! We hired Jack to design a web portal that was easy to use and functional. It also required a connection to our CRM and EBT. Jack made a complicated project look easy. Because Jack had the experience and expertise, the project was completed faster than expected, under budget and with minimal direction. I would strongly recommend Jack for any IT project.

    Stephen Sabean, President, GO Energy, Apr 2012

    Rick’s “Spirited Leaders” workshops teach the core essentials which are critical to any social marketing program. Social marketing simply won’t work unless the content is vivid and the stories are sticky—anything less will just be lost in the sea of tweets and mundane posts.

    Scott Kinoshita, Communications Analyst, Response Generators, Nov 2011

    Paul Van Brunt, President, VIP Energy Services Inc.

    I recently attended an entrepreneur conference where Rick was a guest speaker. Rick is a versatile, high-energy, professional with a multi-faceted background. He was genuine, hilarious, and personable. I had the opportunity to speak with him after the conference, and he was generous to share his own personal experience. I definitely recommend Rick for any public speaking event.

    Zheyuan Li, May 2011

    We recently organized the 2012 Entrepreneurship Conference at the University of Toronto and were honoured to have Mr. Baker as a speaker. EC2011 is the largest business conference at the university, and other speakers include Michael Budman (Co-Founder of Roots), Tim Penner (President of Procter & Gamble Canada), and more.

    Mr. Baker delivered a great presentation that has been well-received, and so far we have got many positive feedbacks. We are so grateful for not only his inspiring talk, but also his time in answering our questions and providing insightful career advices. He is a successful entrepreneur that we look up to, and we could feel his genuine passion in helping others.

    It has been our huge honour to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Baker, and we look forward to working with him again in the near future.

    Gavin Ouyang, Co-Founder, President, UTChinese Magazine, April 2011

    Recently I attended a workshop presented by Spirited Leaders. I’ve also enjoyed some interesting conversations with Rick about brain function. Rick’s experience, broad knowledge base and varied interest inform the quality of his work. His presentations are informative and fun, and have a clear, simple but powerful message. Rick has a genuine desire to establish and build relationships which are beneficial to all parties.

    Lorie Saxby, November 2010

    Matthew Bast, Bast Home & Comfort

    Rick has a powerful way of making you think! He provides insight to help create ideas, and then builds on them, with examples and plans. Rick is inspiring as a mentor and has demonstrated his talent for connecting with young professionals in a leadership role. He generates enthusiasm with his quiet thoughtful manner.

    Joan Fisk, President and CEO, Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, May 2010

    Rick is a highly motivated, proactive and energetic thinker and actor who is making the world and the workplace better. He’s not afraid to take risks, and sees them as essential to move us all forward. His writing is very good, and wickedly witty, but face to face is the best way to know Rick.

    Donna Kennedy-Glans, Founder, Integrity Bridges Inc., March 2010