• Solving Problems

    Helping People Be Accountable For Solving Problems

    Some Spirited Leaders’ recommendations:
      1. Fix people problems first, by focusing on differences, talents, & strengths
      2. Plan changes to ensure they don’t generate new problems
      3. Be clear: Accountability is part of your culture
      4. Talk about how decisions are made: from command to consensus
      5. Teach delegation & accountability, providing feedback regularly 
    The most-successful business leaders in our community do these things to:
      • Make sure they reduce the things that de-motivate people
      • Allow people to feel confident, so they are able to self-motivate
      • Make it easier to fix problems quickly, before they escalate
      • Enable & strengthen employees and leadership teams
      • Earn higher profits
    If you want to learn about people who excel at solving problems, talk with us.

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Solve Problems