• Solving Problems

    Fixing Tired and Incompatible Databases

    Some Spirited Leaders’ recommendations: 
      1. Check out what’s happening outside your industry sector
      2. Clean up your databases…handle information like gold
      3. Identify database incompatibilities: operating & accounting
      4. Identify excessive cost factors: double entry, overtime, etc.
      5. Create improvement plans & implement them as soon as cash-flow allows
    The most-successful business leaders in our community do these things to: 
      • Remove the frustration of out-of-date systems
      • Capture & analyse client and process information in real time
      • Identify processing problems early, before they become costly
      • Ensure top-level information security
      • Earn higher profits
    If you want to get the most out of information technologies, talk with us.

    Spirited Leaders

Paul Van Brunt – President,

VIP Energy Services, Inc.