• Solving Problems

    Building Clarity Around Tasks & Processes

    Some Spirited Leaders’ recommendations:
      1. Write out the tasks required in each individual’s role
      2. Simplify tasks & show how they fit together to form processes…systematize
      3. Automate tasks & processes, to the extent possible & practical
      4. Write out work-process & draw work-flow pictures
      5. Simplify and customize your information-handling software
    The most-successful business leaders in our community do these things to:
      • Remove the clutter of excess ‘stuff’, so people can concentrate
      • Minimize errors, keeping operating costs down
      • Maximize workplace harmony: for employees, clients, and suppliers
      • Free up time for creativity & invention, which injects more value
      • Earn higher profits
    If you want to build clarity around tasks & processes, talk with us.

    Spirited Leaders

Marilyn Shaver – Owner,

Minotaur Stormwater Services Ltd.