• Bios

    W.F.C. (Rick) Baker, P.Eng.
    20+ Year Entrepreneur
    T: 519-886-6522 ext 223

    Rick wants to help you improve your business. He will adjust his service to fit your unique people, processes, and situation. Rick is a life-long learner. He’s school educated but he values his School-of-Hard-Knocks education more. Rick’s an entrepreneur who enjoys studying the paths to personal success, business success, and leadership success. Rick likes to solve business problems in innovative ways, which your people will embrace.
    Jack Baker, M.E.Sc.,P.Eng.
    Technology, Software & Systems Specialist
    T: 519-886-6522 ext 280

    A brilliant problem solver, Jack helps you improve efficiency with custom database design, software architecture and configuration, custom-built CRM and accounting systems, networking hardware, and more. Jack’s a rare breed…he is one of the few people who have a Masters in Software Engineering and a P.Eng. designation. Jack has more than 13 years’ experience designing, implementing, installing, and maintaining custom hardware and software.
    Robin Astley
    Business Process Specialist
    T: 519-886-6522 ext 228
    Attention to detail is Robin’s forte; she focuses on helping people “dot i’s and cross t’s”. Robin helps businesses streamline their processes. Robin mends and builds process systems to help businesses grow a positive bank balance. Her experience ranges from Human Resource and Office Management to back-office operations, corporate governance, bank administration and customer service. Robin has worked with Rick and Jack for over 12 years.